Monday, December 7, 2009

New kids on the block

No it's not about NKOTB re-forming!

Since my last post 2 months ago (yeah I know, very slack) I know of 7 great coffee destinations that have opened in Melbourne.

Proud Mary
Stanley St (Cnr Oxford St)

I'm sure you all know about that 6 group Synesso by now.
There's plenty more to be excited by, the Clover, siphon bar, Giesen roaster, Anfobur grinders (Roburs with Anfim dosers) and pourover and french press too.
Serving some great single origins and pretty special tea.

It's become a popular hangout for anyone in coffee, i've bumped into people i've worked with or roast for each time i've been.
I'm glad I got to check it out on the first morning, it's been pretty busy since.

9 Yarra St
South Yarra

Opened in mid September and once they got their oven connected started trading 7 days and now offer a breakfast menu.

Part of the St Ali group doing some good things, started off with a cold drip brewer and siphon but not sure if they're still available.

Dead Man Espresso
35-37 Market St
South Melbourne

Housed in the spot that was to become the much hyped siphon bar, Canvas Town linked to St Ali and although you might recognise some ex St Ali faces that's as far as the relationship goes.

I've had some great pourovers here including the Aricha Lot 16 Angus is pouring for me in the pic.
When not in the mood for a filter coffee you can choose from either their own blend or the Seven Seeds blend.

Foxy Brown
31a South Crescent,

Located in a residential back street, Pat's created a great coffee focussed cafe.
They offer their house blend and a range of single origins which are all fair trade certified.
I wont get into the whole fair trade thing, i'll just say that it's good to see someone put so much effort into developing a blend with their roaster (Josh Bailey), it's almost like blends have gone out of fashion with the great single origins available lately, yet since starting to roast i've come to appreciate the art/skill in creating a blend - might need to go into it in a separate post.

Worth trying is the 'flight of coffees' if you're up for 3 shots back to back, a ristretto, espresso and piccolo latte of your choice of blend/origin.

Market Lane
Shop 13 Prahran Market
163 Commercial Road
(Entrance on Elizabeth Street)

The home of Melbourne Coffee Merchants located at Prahran Market - another must visit coffee destination!
Synesso, Roburs, Clover, pourover, a 5kg Probat roaster and a twin barrel sample roaster.
Many of the great coffees coming to Australia currently are due to Fleur Studd of MCM and this is where you can try many of them.
Currently you can choose from their seasonal espresso blend and a range of single origins.
Cuppings are help regularly and it was great to take part in one on the weekend, it generated great interest from the public that kept popping their heads into the room who were welcomed and left with a greater understanding of what specialty coffee is.

495 Collins St,
Melbourne CBD

Brought to you by Joseph of Cafenatics, Eclipse is a cafe i'm yet to check out.
I've heard great things about the coffee being served by the team that includes the current Victorian Latte Art champion, Wil Priestley with whom I used to work.

Sensory Lab

297 Little Collins Street,
Melbourne (David Jones)

If you haven't heard about the latest outlet of the St Ali group by now you dont read the paper, blogs or watch tv.
Again I haven't been yet but it will no doubt be added to any must visit list of coffee spots in Melbourne.

Apologies for both the lack of photos and lack of quality, bought a camera today so should be much improved next time - i'm sure every other Melbourne blogger has already covered most of these cafes anyway!

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