Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Auction Rooms - North Melbourne

103-107 Errol Street, North Melbourne

Espresso: La Marzocco FB70
Grinders: Roburs, Super Jolly & Ditting
Roaster: 15kg Vittoria with a new addition on the way
Other brewing options: Siphon, French Press (plunger)

The red Vittoria roaster in the background has been moved offsite to Small Batch

Having lived in the area for over 20 years I feel quite at home in Errol St, but wow, has North Melbourne changed in that time.
I used to live in West Melbourne, it was considered industrial when I was growing up, now you're lucky to find a warehouse that hasn't been converted into an apartment.
I used to get my bucket of hot chips after school at the take away shop that is now a 7-11 and Sam & Mary's had the best schnitzel rolls but that's now a noodle shop.
Back then the only reason to cross Queensberry St was to go the NAB, but not anymore.

Now there's Auction Rooms down the hill - and it's fast becoming one of my favourite cafes (I also recommend the food at Fandango a few doors up).

The coffee has improved greatly in the last few months and the food menu has been simplified since opening over a year ago, yet still covers a wide range.
As with most specialty coffee cafes and micro roasteries they offer a single origin or guest blend aswell as their regular house blend, other brewing styles and also sell beans to take home.
Auction Rooms has a 3 burner siphon bar and last I heard were preparing over 20 a day on a weekend, not bad for a country that only drinks espresso.

Alot has already been said of the fit-out, food and coffee so I wont go into detail and let the professional bloggers do that:
Melbourne Gastronome
Ryan on Coffee

Auction Rooms - great coffee, excellent service, good food and beer on tap!

I disagree with rating or reviewing coffee as too much damage can be caused by a blog post or tweet, a repuation shouldn't be ruined by just one bad experience.
So if I do post about a cafe chances are i've been there dozens of times, they dont just do espresso and on the whole the coffee is great...and yes, at each of the cafes i'll recommend (including Auction Rooms) I have had an average coffee, but having been behind the counter for over 4 years I know that 100's of things affect each coffee and sometimes it happens.

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