Friday, July 3, 2009

SCAE Cologne - competition part 2

Saturday had finally arrived and Kirby Berlin was relaxed and well prepared for the Coffee in Good Spirits comp, whereas I felt more nervous than when I competed at the Australian comp and I wasn't even competing.

Kirby was doing very well but had a few hiccups, her siphon took longer to brew than expected though not a major issue but the espresso shots for her designer beverage only poured from one side, even though her tamp was level, grind was right etc etc.
This meant Kirby had to pull another shot and subsequently finish over time.
She finished in 11th (out of 24) with a score of 19.5 (21 minus the time penalty) and would've been very close to making the finals without the time penalty.
The feedback from the judges Kirby received was great with head judge Paul telling her it was the best tasting designer beverage of the day (will post the recipe if Kirby lets me).

The experience gained by both Kirby and I is immeasurable and i'm sure it will help us for future competitions, if I decide to compete again.

Also competiting for Australia was Ben Bicknell in the cup tasting championship, in a very tough field he finished 21st.
Rob Forsyth and Fiefy were last minute entrants into the Cezve/Ibrik Championship finishing in 9th position - by entering Australia became eligible for the SCAE World Coffee Championships Best nation, we finished 5th.

Congrats to all competitors, it was great being part of it, hope to see you in London!

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