Friday, July 3, 2009

SCAE Cologne - competition part 1

So we've finally arrived in Cologne, the excuse for our European trip.

It was a very busy 5 days in Cologne that included lots of Kölsch (the local beer), almost as many sausages, learnt alot, met many great people in the industry and somewhere in all that there was a competition.

One of the first cafe's we went to was Espresso Perfetto, they had a great range of supplies and equipment including many vintage machines and grinders that they unfortunately refused to sell.

On our first day we arranged to meet up with Fiefy the 2009 South Australian barista champion the Thailand latte art competitor - she only found out 2 weeks before she would be competiting!
We spent the day shopping for supplies for Kirby and Fiefy and ended up at a cafe we'd been to earlier where the barista was proud of the rosetta he poured for us, thinking we'd never seen such a thing.
We brought with us several types of milk and as their doser was full we ground off some of our coffee on the deli grinder in the supermarket next door.
Kirby made us many coffees and ended up giving the cafe's staff and owner some latte art training, it was priceless seeing their faces when she showed them how to pour double rosettas, tulips and a swan after they'd earlier explained to us how to pour a rosetta.

The first Australian competitor to hit the stage was Erin Sampson, at times she looked very nervous on stage but it didn't get to her and she did very well.
Placing 3rd in the world with visual scores of 256 just behind the winner, Peter Hernou of Belgium who scored of 257.
Some might wonder why Erin didn't finish higher than 3rd, especially with such high visual scores, unfortunately her taste score was 14.5 points behind and that's the reason for not placing higher.

I'm sure they'll be discussions about the winners sig drink design, I liked it and thought it was unique but i've never been a fan of etching.

My favourite competitor was 4th placed compeitor Kenji Kushihama of Japan, his quad rosetta under competition pressure was great as was his double with hearts.
I had the chance to tell him that when we bumped into him in Copenhagen a few days later.

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