Saturday, July 11, 2009

London - Dose Espresso

We arrived in London with a list of must visit cafes but no map and when our first appointment didn't eventuate we didn't know where we were in London or in which direction to go.
We eventually made it to:

69 Long Lane

First impression was how small this place was, seats about 10 inside and a couple outside with the kitchen, FB80 and register taking up the rest of the expensive London real estate.
We soon found out how much the rent is in a small sized cafe in somewhere like Soho, $2-3k a week!

I was lucky enough to try both the last of the Spring and first of the Summer Espresso blend from Square Mile at Dose.

I dont like to judge or review cafes, there's too much emphasis on ratings in Australia, especially in Melbourne and a single coffee can hurt a business.
Knowing how many variables there are in the coffee making process i'm not prepared to hurt someone's livelihood for the sake of a few dollars (or pounds).

Not that James at Dose has anything to worry about, we visited him 3 times during our short stay, we had our first and last coffees in London at Dose and all 20 or so of them were great, the food was excellent and surprisignly cheap for London and if you're homesick you're bound to run into an Aussie along the way...Ryan, or if you're a Kiwi, so is James.

Without making claims about which cafe is the best, Dose is definitely one of them and a must visit cafe in London.

Another thing about London cafes in general, they all promote each other freely.
Without a map on the first day we were given directions and tips where to go for good coffees, there's a real community feel about the industry.
They all know each other and encourage each other and are currently planning the Ultimate Barista Fighting League, a regular smackdown/barista jam - the London coffee scene feels like Melbourne used to be before politics/profits got in the way.

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