Tuesday, July 14, 2009

London - Columbia Road Flower Market

We'd arranged to go to the market whilst chatting to Gwilym in Cologne and were looking forward to it as he told us he lets customers jump behind the machine, it frees him up to have a break or visit the little boys room.
After several beers I volunteered to pull some shots for him not knowing if he'd hold me to it, next day he mentioned it again so I guess that answered that.

Line on the left for great coffee,
on the right for tasty sausage, bacon and egg rolls

James Hoffmann has just posted his latest video blog and it's about the Columbia Road cart.
What you see in the video is what you get, Gwilym will happily chat to anyone that wants to chat to him, he'll let customers wait if he's in a conversation but that's what the sunday flower market is about, there's no stress, no rush, no need to be anywhere and even though it was fairly busy it was really fun and doesn't feel like work - and ended up being one of the highlights on my trip.

It's also a great way to meet those in the London coffee industry, several baristas, cafe owners and even roasters come for their sunday coffee - and some are just too impatient and visit another Square Mile account around the corner (hi James).

You'll notice on the menu a 'normal coffee' that was created for those that asked for a normal coffee, not knowing what a flat white, cappuccino, long black/americano etc was.
It's a long black with either hot or cold milk - I guess it's the closest thing to what they make at home, coffee with milk.

Kirby, Gwilym and I

For anyone visiting London, Gwilym's cart at the Columbia Road Flower Market is a must,
great coffee, great atmosphere, great people!

Please dont walk off if you've ordered, you're not making life any easier for Lou and if your coffee's not stolen it will be given away!

If you're lookng for another place to try in the area visit Taste of Bitter Love, unfortunately time got the better of us but it was recommended several times.

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