Friday, July 24, 2009

The new black? A cafe/roastery in Melbourne

It seems all i've done since returning to Melbourne is visit cafes, some of them so often it's almost embarassing.

Apart from appreciating how good some of the coffee has bean, it dawned on me just how many cafe/roasteries have popped up in the last few years.

But don't expect a great coffee at all of them, the coffee offerings range from CoE to a budget blend.

In no particular order and not a complete list either:

St Ali 5kg & 15kg Renegade
Seven Seeds 5kg Renegade & 22kg Probat
Auction Rooms Vittoria Bologna
Atomica 12kg Probat
Brunswick East Project 10kg Has Garanti
Social Roasting Company 12kg Probat
Dukes 15kg Joper
Coffee Hit
Icoco 12kg Probat
Growers Espresso
Toby's Estate
Beans & Bagels
Caffe Romeo
Di Bella
Coffee Max

And with another 5 (that I know of) to open or add a roaster to their cafe shortly, it's an exciting time for fresh coffee in Melbourne - but how many is too many?

One of those about to install a roaster is my workplace, The Maling Room.
It's long overdue but it's about to arrive, might even have caught a flight with the Slayer...

I hope to take a more in depth look at some of the cafes mentioned soon.

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  1. Checkout "Equilibrio" in Essendon -- Bill does some great blends and uses a 3 group Fiorenzato lever machine.