Thursday, June 4, 2009

Paris coffee part 2

After reading BeanScene magazine I had to visit Alto Cafe, a coffee cart located outside Galleries La Fayette (department store) that has an Australian link, the barista's were trained by Jeremy Hulsdunk from Perth.
It was on my last morning in Paris that I visited and i'd only had one shot of cofee since my last coffee at the Maling Room in Melbourne.
I'll be honest and say the coffee was average, about as good as that from an average cafe in Melbourne but in comparision to what Paris has to offer it's probably one of the best.

They did everything well, purge, wipe, grind on demand, tamp, timed shots (although a but quick at 22 sec), measured shots, fresh milk, good equipment but the coffee used could probably be improved.

If you're in need a a caffeine hit go for it, it's alot better than anything else and you'll have an aussie connection.

I've now left France and probably wont have a coffee until I reach Italy in a week.
I didn't witness the so called arrogance of the french at all and apart from one bus driver that got up on the wrong side of the bed the French were very friendly, helpful and accommodating people.

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