Friday, May 29, 2009

Coffee in Paris

I've been here a few days now and so far Paris coffee has lived up to its reputation, all style and no substance.

The mojority of people i've seen are drinking short blacks, though they aren't so short - it's as if they feel that they're getting ripped off if the demitasse isn't full to the brim.

Above Christina is explaining the coffee of the day is a Yirgacheffe to a customer

After some research I found the supposed best coffee in Paris at Soluna Cafe and at first glance this place seemed like heaven.
A wall of single origins to buy as you enter, a shop roaster on the bench, FB80, passionate about coffee and even some coffee from an Australian roaster - things were looking up.
Ordered an espresso and all the signs were good, great looking shot but it just kept going and going and we were served 60ml shots, i'll admit i've tasted worse shots but it was a big letdown.

We were tempted to go back and ask for a shorter shot another day as it was a great place to hang around but there were more important things to try.

An espresso of a different kind

My sister had been looking forward to trying Canard a la presse at La Tour d'Argent.

It's a 2 part meal and we were served duck #1078603, one of the dishes is prepared using the silver press on the left where all parts of the duck are pressed and you could say extracted to form part of the sauce for a dish.

Hoping to try another espresso before we leave.

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